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Videos about PCOD, Infertility, Pregnancy & abortions, Covid infection prevention - By Dr. Shuchita B Goyal
Chronic Acidity, weight gain, weight loss, constipation, Pancreas pseudocyst, Stomach balloon - By Dr. Kartik Goyal

PCOD home remedies।5 Simple CURES।Role of Discipline in PCOD
In this video you will be able to know 1. What are the home remedies for PCOS ? 2. How MUCH Is PCOS curable by following home remedies? 3. Weight loss in Managing PCOS? 4. Role of Medicines in PCOD? 5. Discipline - An essential component in PCOD. 6. How to AVOID complications of PCOS? 7. When to visit a doctor for PCOS?
Complications in PCOS: Overview & Solution।When to visit doctor?
In this video you will be able to know 1. What are the Complications to expect in PCOS? 2. How severe are Complications associated with PCOS? 3. How to AVOID complications of PCOS? 4. When to visit doctor for PCOS?
Should you undergo Endoscopy??Which type of Acidity you have!
Are you suffering from reflux, is it GERD or is it dyspepsia? Find answers to the long-standing questions?? Why me? Why acidity at such young age? Can stress cause acidity? Or is it related to my lifestyle? Can it be something other than acidity? Can it be CaNceR?
Acidity, Gastritis and Pain Abdomen।
From Basics to Advanced information. - Why Acidity Happens? - Different manifestations and causes of acidity? - Antacid medicines - when to take, how to take, till when to take? - Side effects of the Antacid medications!! - Hiatus Hernia and Antral Gastritis !! - Is SURGERY required in Hiatus Hernia? - When to meet a Gastroenterologist Doctor? - What is Endoscopy? - When to Undergo Endoscopy and Most Importantly, when to avoid it? - Upcoming video.
Endoscopic Ultrasound।Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage।No Surgery/Incision।
86yr, male, Patient had vomiting and satiety. Ultrasound and CT scan suggested a Pancreatic mass. Patient was referred to us under the suspicion of pancreatic malignancy. After reviewing CT films, Pancreatic Pseudocyst was suspected and Endoscopic ultrasound chosen due to its obvious precision and Advantage of THERAPEUTIC OPTIONS available with EUS. Successful drainage done by creating a Cysto-gastrostomy . BLOODLESS PROCEDURE...I Most importantly... DAYCARE PROCEDURE. Patient went home Walking.
Can PCOS be cured? Long term question of all girls and women with menstrual irregularities and infertility. Watch video to FIND ANSWERS, and know ALL ABOUT PCOS. For more videos, do subscribe to our channel and follow us at For more questions, do write to us at
What is PCOD? DIFFICULT Question.... SIMPLE Answer!!
PCOS is a HORMONAL problem that affects women , starts during adolescense and continues through reproductive age group, sometimes even later years. PCOS mainly affects a woman’s ovaries, the reproductive organ that produce estrogen and progesterone — hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. Watch Video to Know More!!
Endoscopic ultrasound and FNAC।
This is a video showing a tumor involving lower end of common bile duct. The patient had intractable pruritus and obstructive jaundice; was suspected to have malignant mass . But, due to the unreachability by the conventional methods, biopsy was not possible. However, with endoscopic ultrasound, we gained access to mass by passing the scope into small intestine and then passing a very fine 22 gauge needle through its wall , going to the mass. This helped us take tissue biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and start SPECIFIC treatment EARLY. There was no complications and patient withstood the procedure well. The patient went home after 'two' hours of procedure.
Patient VIDEO Testimonial !!
Happiness is - A Satisfied and Happy Patient! Ovarian cyst surgery। This video was taken on Postoperative day 20 of a Patient who underwent surgery for large ovarian mass.
Scope of Services by Dr. Shuchita (MS) and Dr. Kartik
We, at 'Ludhiana Gastro & Gynae Centre' intend to change the scenario of medical services in India with the commencement of exclusive state- of-the- art facilities at our centre. Ludhiana Gastro & Gynae Centre is run by Dr. Kartik Goyal (DM Gastroenterology) and Dr. Shuchita Batra Goyal ( MS, Obs & Gynae).
FREE ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND।Dr. Kartik Goyal।15-23rd July 2020।ਮੁਫਤ ਐਂਡੋਸੋਪਿਕ ਸੋਨੋਗ੍ਰਾਫੀ । Oswal Hospital
Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) provides high-resolution images of the stomach and intestine wall and adjacent structures. EUS-guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) is a technique using a thin needle under the ultrasonographic guidance to obtain an aspirate of the tissue. In addition, other therapeutic procedures, such as EUS-guided drainage and EUS-guided celiac plexus blockage, can be performed under the guidance of real-time ultrasound.
What is Female Infertility? What are the Solutions and What are the Available Options?
Infertility , i.e problems in conception of a child. There are many natural methods to know when are the best chances of conception. Infertility management includes ovulation induction, Intrauterine insemination and In vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex series of procedures where female and and male sperm are combined and processed in lab to make embryo and implanted in the uterus.
CoViD infection and Pregnancy:Dr. Shuchita(MS) talks to grehlakshmi
An authentic guide about CoviD-19 infection in pregnancy and otherwise too. how to prevent oneself from getting infection, how to take care once infected, how to protect the newborn, etc.
Pregnancy and abortion myths cleared!!
Pregnancy is a crucial time period with a whole lot of responsibilities for oneself and the coming child. One has to maintain health and still continue to do job and regular household works. There is no place for making a mistake, but are you making one?? hear out to know more!!
Dr. Shuchita (MS, OBGY)Clearing myths about pregnancies
We come across a lot of myths when pregnant, be it some elder or recently delivered a baby or had a C - section, everyone tells you what to do. This adds to the confusion. This video will tell you about exactly what's do.
Basics of pregnancy!! All the Information about Precautions, tests and Follow Ups!
All the basic and necessary information curated in a brief video, covering all the trimesters of pregnancy, pregnancy diet, traveling, and exercise during pregnancy, tests and medicines....
Easy Weight loss solutions by Dr. Kartik (DM gastro): scarless, reversible, no side effects!!
Intragastric balloon placement is a weight-loss procedure that involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in stomach. This makes you feel fuller faster, limit the food taken and helps to lose weight. This is a completely safe, cost-effective and painless process, single day procedure, you will get discharge in 4 hours.
Intragastric endoscopic Balloon Advantages
Weight loss guide, simple and easy way, no incision, no scar, no side effects, can be done even in patients with diabetes, heart diseases and high BP.
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