For the Best, Individualized and latest treatment, Visit Ludhiana gastro & Gynae Centre . CLICK on the condition to know more about the CondiTions and Their LATEST Treatment!!
For the treatment of any other Condition, feel free to send us an EnquiRy.

Chronic Acidity/Constipation
Bile Duct Stones
Recurrent/ Severe jaundice
Hepatitis and Cirrhosis
Liver/Stomach Cancer
Ulcerative Colitis/ Crohn's Disease/ IBS
High-risk Pregnancy
Abortions & Birth Control
Infertility (Inability to Conceive)
Fibroids & Menstrual Irregularities
Pelvic Infection/Endometriosis
PCOS and Ovarian Cyst
Fetal Abnormalities

Gastroenterological Services

Basic and Advanced Endoscopic procedures

Bariatric endoscopy (for weight loss)

Fatty liver, cirrhosis and liver cancer

Gynecological Services

Obstetrical and fetal medicine Services 

In- vitro fertilization (IVF)

Laparoscopy and Gynae Cancers


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